Cool Idea! I am new to renting clothes, um..what about hygiene?

We totally understand the importance of hygiene especially while hiring clothes. We make sure that every piece of clothing goes through a rigorous sanitizing procesS INCLUDE DRY CLEANING, STEAM IRON AND MANUAL CHECK.If you are not entirely happy with the condition of the item, let us know before wearing and we will take carE of it

How does FRIZEAL works?

Have you ever wondered that ‘is it worth buying an expensive outfit for just one special occasion?’ this is where Frizeal comes to your rescue, Frizeal’s mantra ‘BUY NOTHING, OWN EVERYTHING’. We offer you to pick an outfit that you like from a huge range of choices for your upcoming occasion at a very minimal cost of the outfit.
You can rent by following simple steps:

*Choose from a huge range on FRIZEAL.
*Book the item before somebody else does it.
*Get a custom fit outfit at your door delivered.
*Return outfit after wearing, as it was.

I want to cancel my order?

Its all good, we would love you help you at some other occasion. Just follow few easy steps for cancellation
* Track Order
* Enter your Order ID & your phone number
* Click cancel order
Please note that if the cancelled order is for an outfit that was customized for you in any way, 20% restocking fees will be deducted.

Missed or No show for pickup?

Sorry, as we are using a number of courier companies, on rare occasions there might missed or late pickup. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, just drop us an email, call us and provide your order id & our team will get back to you at the earliest for rescheduling the pickup.

How can I reschedule my pickup?

Reason for rescheduling the pickup?
* Your Order ID
* Advise a date and time for the pickup
* Mobile number
Please note that cancelling a pickup 3 hours before the pick up will ENCURE ADDITIONAL CHARGES
What if the product  is damaged or stained?
Minor wear and tear up to the limit of buttons, zipper damage will be taken care by FRIZEAL and will not cost you anything. Depending on the damage to the product the repair cost will be deducted from the deposit. Please note that in the event of extensive damage or if the item is beyond repair, security deposit will be forfeited.